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At the territory of Hotel Complex Saint Elena is situated a private zoo area, which is extending on 1200 square meters with 60 separate individual lofts - cells. At the private zoo there is over than 60 diffrent species - Bulgarian and foreign. They are bred and trained by experienced specialists of ornithology. The number of pigeons is more than 1100 units, including the offspring of all breeds.  The ornithologists care for their special selection and regularly renewed the poultry fauna with new various breeds.

At the private zoo has installed a special security equipment which prevents the pigeons from nature enemies like raptors, roudents and others. They are provided a special growing and living conditions in accordance with the characteristics of each breed. More information about the breed can be found on our website in the category "Breeds"

At the zoo also kept a several number of ornamental birds such as black swans, peacocks, decorative chickens, parrots, ducks and others.  Especially for them was built a lake in which they can swim and live free.




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